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Alcohol Consumption: Gateway Surveys American Adults about Drinking

Gateway's 2012 American Alcohol Consumption Study conducted in February 2012 shares the reasons why adults ages 21 and older typically drink as well as how much/often.

  • Gateway's 2012 American Alcohol Consumption Study confirms that although adults turn to alcohol to self-medicate, the most popular reason cited for adults to drink alcohol at 51% is "celebrations, special events and holidays"
  • A concerning 21% of adults surveyed indicated they drink to "take the edge off" (i.e., relieve stress)
  • Nearly 1 out of 10 adults or 8% confirmed they drink to "cure the blues" (i.e., seek relief from unhappy thoughts)

Gateway's 2012 American Alcohol Consumption Study also asked adults who do drink how many drinks they typically consume per drinking occasion.

  • A startling 10% of respondents admitted they binge drink
  • 5% of adults polled indicating they consume 6-7 drinks per occasion
  • 5% of adults confirmed they drink 8 or more drinks per occasion
  • The most popular answer, 37% of adult respondents indicated they consume two drinks per drinking occasion
  • While almost one third of total respondents (30%) indicated they drink less than once a month, 36% of adult Americans said they drink weekly. And, almost 1 out of 10 respondents (9%) expressed they drink 5 to 7 days a week

A Closer Look at Alcohol Consumption

Gateway's closer look at alcohol consumption in America clearly points to some areas of concern among adults who drink. It is in an individual's best interest to be honest with themselves about how much alcohol they consume and conscious of the reasons why. By furthering awareness about alcohol abuse, Gateway is doing its part to encourage individuals with substance abuse issues to get the help they need.

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