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Alcoholism Treatment

Encouraging Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Gateway Treatment Centers Alcoholism TreatmentIt is very important to remember that someone who abuses alcohol or drugs will continue to do so as long as the consequences of use do not outweigh the benefits. Once someone with an alcohol abuse problem experiences more consequences and fewer benefits they may begin to seek alcoholism treatment. Do not feel obliged to cover up for another person's habits, or make excuses about his or her behavior, that only puts you in the position of co-dependency and enabling.

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Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Stacy Lott, PsyD, CADC

Many people don't realize they can receive effective alcoholism treatment in outpatient drug rehabilitation. The reality is, alcohol is a drug and outpatient therapy is very beneficial...

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As much as you may want someone with an alcohol addiction to get help, you can't force an individual to get help, begging or threatening won't work either. You can only encourage someone to consider alcoholism treatment as an option. Recovery will come, only if and when the substance abuser truly decides to seek a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about how you can educate yourself about substance abuse and addiction.

As the largest provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Illinois, Gateway understands you have a lot of questions. We realize you are looking for answers and want to know the next step in getting your spouse, friend or family member the help they need.

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Confidential Consultation

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Insurance Accepted
Insurance Accepted

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