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Your Teen Might Need Help

One indication of substance abuse is your teen's behavior. Take this test to see if your teen may need drug or alcohol treatment.

Please answer every question. If a question is not applicable, select No.

Has there been a dramatic change in your teen's behavior?  

Is your teen neglecting activities they once enjoyed?  

Has your teen started to get in trouble at school?  

Have your teen's grades dropped?  

Has your teen started making excuses to not go to school or work?  

Has your teen started breaking the rules and lying?  

Is your teen withdrawing from normally strong relationships with family and friends?  

Is your teen experiencing extreme emotions including aggressive behavior or depression?  

Are money, valuables or prescription drugs missing?  

If you answered "yes" to 3 or more of these questions your teen may have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

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Confidential Consultation

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Insurance Accepted
Insurance Accepted

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