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Red Ribbon Week - Oct. 23-31, 2016

This October, in honor of Red Ribbon Week, Gateway aims to increase awareness of addiction as a disease and help reduce the stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction.
Gateway Proudly Supports Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 23-31, 2016

Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers proudly support Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 23-31, 2016

What is Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who died at the hands of drug traffickers while fighting the battle against illegal drugs to keep our country and children safe.

Within weeks of his death in 1985, friends of Camarena launched the effort which has evolved into Red Ribbon Week. In his memory, supporters wear red ribbons and participate in community anti-drug events while pledging to live drug-free lives.

Addiction is a Disease

Most of us are aware that drugs and alcohol can harm the body in a variety of ways, from health problems to behavioral problems. But did you know that excessive drug and alcohol use causes chemical and physical changes to the brain, leading to addiction?

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Did You Know? Did you know, approximately 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.