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Family Programs at Gateway Treatment Centers

Family Programs at GatewayGateway recognizes the immediate and long-term benefits to individuals in recovery when their families are involved in drug rehab, and engages families in counseling and substance abuse education programs. Our Family Programs are designed to answer the questions families have and to help parents, spouses, siblings and significant others learn how to better cope with the substance abuse issues of loved ones in treatment.

It is not uncommon for people with substance abuse issues to become isolated and be secretive with family members, lie, steal money or even lose custody of their children. Yet it is the love, support, understanding and healed interactions of family members that can play a pivotal role in lasting recovery. We understand that change can be challenging and that is why Gateway Substance Abuse Treatment Programs involve families in two related ways: Family Counseling and Family Education.

Family Counseling

During Gateway's Family Counseling sessions, family situations caused by substance abuse issues are addressed in an open and respectful atmosphere. Our certified counselor listens to the challenges families have been experiencing, teaches coping skills, sheds light on how to support a chemically dependent family member and explains what to expect in recovery.

Family Education

Family Education helps family members learn about the addiction process, heal past harms and build supportive relationships. Although topics covered in Family Education lessons vary to meet group and individual family needs, family concerns in dealing with addiction are addressed to improve recovery support, such as: stages of abuse and change, how treatment works, stages of family recovery, family roles and communication skills.

Who Should Attend Family Programs?

Family members, spouses, partners, parents, children, siblings and other relatives should participate in Family Programs.

What Will Families Learn?

During the sessions, family members and significant others who are interested in learning about substance abuse and how it affects them are welcome to come and share their experiences, learn coping skills and gain insight into how to support a chemically dependent family member.

Is There a Fee?

No, there is no additional cost for Family Programs; the cost is included in treatment.

Family Video Counseling

Long Distance Support for a Loved One in Recovery

When the best treatment for a person's substance abuse or drug addiction isn't close to home, it makes it difficult for family members to participate in the treatment of a loved one. Recognizing family involvement is an integral aspect that provides both immediate and long-term benefits to individuals in recovery; most Gateway Treatment Centers have added a valuable feature to assist families that live at a distance through online Family Video Counseling.

Family Video CounselingHow Does Family Video Counseling Work?
Using secure video conferencing software that is fully compliant with federal health and privacy regulations, an experienced Family Therapist or Counselor facilitates individual family sessions via online teleconference. These sessions address concerns related to substance abuse in an open and respectful manner and are available to all families with loved ones in Residential Treatment.

Who Should Attend Family Video Counseling?
Parents, spouses, siblings and significant others of loved ones in treatment can attend. Family sessions will focus on ways they can better cope with the substance abuse issues and how their loved one's substance abuse might affect them.

What Families Will Gain
  • Improved communication skills
  • Coping skills
  • An understanding of how to support a chemically dependent individual
  • Insight into what to expect in recovery
Technical Requirements
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Computer and video camera or a computer with video camera installed
Is There a Fee?
No, there is no additional cost for Family Video Counseling sessions, the cost is included as part of one's treatment.

Confidential Consultation
Confidential Consultation

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Insurance Accepted
Insurance Accepted

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