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Motivational Interviewing

Professional Counseling to Help Individuals Embrace Internal Conflicts

Professional Counseling to Help Individuals Embrace Internal Conflicts"I want to quit." "I don't want to quit." One minute, an argument makes sense, and the next minute, just the opposite seems like a better choice. Do you know someone who has this type of internal conflict about making a tough change in their personal behavior?

We all may experience conflict, and argue with ourselves because there are costs and benefits to both sides. Substance abusers are caught in this internal struggle because they recognize there are valid reasons to change behavior, but are stuck in the physical, psychological and social reasons not to do so.

Motivational Interviewing is Highly Effective in Drug Rehab

Motivational Interviewing has strong scientific support for being a highly effective therapy for those with a substance abuse problem.

Instead of trying to convince an individual of the benefits of stopping substance abuse, Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment's professional counselors help each person weigh the pros of this behavior against the cons while in drug rehab.

Counselors assist individuals in exploring their core values and deeply held goals. These values and goals are usually inconsistent with continued substance abuse, so they become the guiding force toward behaving in a way that is consistent with positive, healthy living.

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Confidential Consultation

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Insurance Accepted
Insurance Accepted

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