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Gateway Swansea

"It's an incredible feeling to read client surveys and see the words time after time, Gateway saved my life."
Kerry Gallagher, LPC
Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Swansea, Illinois
Alcohol & Drug Treatment in Swansea, IL
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Alcohol & Drug Treatment in Swansea, IL

Gateway's Swansea alcohol and drug treatment center is conveniently located in the St. Louis Metro east area only a half mile from Interstate 64 and approximately 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis.

The Swansea outpatient drug rehab center offers programs in the morning and evening for teens and busy adults.

Insurance Accepted

Gateway's drug treatment center in Swansea accepts health insurance. We also provide assistance to help you understand what services are covered, deductibles and co-pays.

Serving the St. Louis Metro East Area

The Swansea center specializes in providing substance abuse education and group counseling to help you, or someone you love get life back on track. Our experienced team helps you understand substance abuse, guides you to recovery and supports you every step of the way.

The clinical team in Swansea is committed to understanding each person's unique needs and circumstances and developing a personalized treatment plan that's right for them. Our goal is to understand and treat the underlying causes of one's substance abuse, not just their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

At Gateway, our treatment is effective because it utilizes an integrated approach to treatment which includes:

Our center also offers specialized inpatient substance abuse treatment for teens.

Learn more about our integrated approach, proven experience and expertise in substance abuse treatment.

Offering Medication Assisted Treatment Services

  • Medication assisted treatment (MAT) services to reduce or eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol and heroin dependency.
  • No waiting list for weekly MAT services administered by a Suboxone-certified doctor.

Meet the Swansea Staff

Michael Feaman Michael Feaman
Executive Director
Gateway Caseyville

As Executive Director, Michael Feaman leads the staff and clinical team at Gateway's St. Louis Metro East Treatment Centers. Michael works hard to ensure adults, adolescents and their families who come to Gateway receive the most innovative treatment options and exceptional customer service.

Michael joined Gateway in 1992 and has since managed programs in both outpatient and residential settings.

"After many years in the field, the most rewarding part of my job is effecting positive change in individuals who have tough hurdles to overcome. Seeing how families work together to help their loved ones overcome dependency issues is quite remarkable," says Michael.

Michael holds his Master's degree in Health Care Administration from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. He is CRADC and MISA II certified through Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association.

Kerry Gallagher Kerry Gallagher, M.Ed., LPC, CADC
Program Director
Gateway Swansea

Since 1996 Kerry Gallagher has witnessed the total transformation of many Gateway clients. "Although an individual may walk into our center in physical and emotional distress, one of the most rewarding aspects is to see them leave treatment looking healthy, confident and hopeful." Currently a Clinical Supervisor at Gateway's Swansea location, Kerry leads a team of professional substance abuse counselors and is the key liaison for the centers highly-respected medication assisted treatment services. Kerry's experience also includes providing family education and substance abuse therapy in both outpatient and residential drug treatment settings.

Kerry prides herself on working for an organization that has stood the test of time. She feels Gateway continues to hold strong to its initial mission to help those in need of substance abuse treatment, while continuing to offer innovative and clinically proven treatment techniques. Kerry earned her Master's Degree in Counseling from University of Missouri in St. Louis and has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois since 2012 and Missouri since 2003.

Dr. Randy Jung
Gateway Swansea

As a board certified psychiatrist with an assortment of specialties, Dr. Randy Jung is a key part of the holistic approach to patient wellness and recovery at Gateway Foundation Swansea.

Dr. Jung helps individuals with co-occurring substance abuse issues address their underlying mental health difficulties. And, for people suffering with alcoholism or opiate dependency, Dr. Jung is certified in the use of medication assisted treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms during the drug detoxification process.

Dr. Jung has held many esteemed positions throughout his career and currently runs his own private practice in Belleville, IL. Dr. Jung graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Carbondale, IL, and is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Melanie Ziebart Melanie Ziebart, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor
Gateway Swansea

Melanie Ziebart, a Substance Abuse Counselor who joined Gateway in 2001, has valued watching individuals make positive changes in their lives. "It's rewarding to watch people transform from resistant to embracing sobriety to eventually becoming guest speakers who offer hope to others for lasting recovery."

Melanie works with adults in group therapy as part of Gateway's After-Work and After-School Outpatient Treatment Programs for adults and adolescents serving the St. Louis area. "It's very motivating to see individuals turn their lives around through the help they've received at Gateway."

She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL, and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both Illinois and Missouri since 2006.

Understanding Drug & Alcohol Treatment

With a reputation for clinical expertise, and unwavering compassion and care, Gateway's team of licensed substance abuse professionals and addiction counselors will provide the guidance and support necessary for lasting recovery. Starting with your first consultation our dedicated staff will ensure your treatment experience is always personalized and focused on helping you or your loved one reclaim a productive, healthy life.

We want you want to feel comfortable with taking the next step to get help, and have provided the information below to assist you, or call 877-505-4673 and we will be happy to answer your questions 24-hours a day.

What to Expect in Treatment

With a reputation for clinical expertise, and unwavering compassion and care, Gateway's team of licensed substance abuse experts will provide the guidance and support necessary for lasting recovery. Learn what you can expect from Gateway's treatment programs.
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What to Bring to Treatment

As part of your treatment at Gateway, we work hard to make sure most of your needs are cared for. You can download a general list of what you should bring to treatment now, and then you will be provided with a specific list of additional items during your admission based on the center and program you will be entering.
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Typical Day in Treatment

Schedules are developed so individuals can participate in group therapy, family visits and education, as well as health and well-being. This is only a sample schedule to give you an idea of what a typical day and week in Residential Treatment will include. Schedules will change to fulfill your specific needs while in treatment at Gateway.
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Payment Options

Gateway offers convenience and flexibility in terms of payment options. Learn more about payment options for treatment.
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Outpatient Treatment Schedules

Our after-work and after-school Outpatient programs are conveniently scheduled for teens and adults.
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All downloads are in PDF format. If you do not have the free Adobe Reader, click here to download now.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Swansea, Illinois
Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swansea, Illinois
Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Swansea, Illinois
Drug and Alcohol treatment center in Swansea, Illinois Alcohol and Drug treatment and Group Therapy in Swansea, IL Drug Rehab Family Counseling in Swansea, Illinois
1 Bronze Pointe
Swansea, IL 62226
Toll Free: 877-505-4673
Local: 618-234-9002
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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs at Swansea

Adult Intensive Outpatient (Co-Ed, Separate Male and Female )
Located in the St. Louis Metro East area, convenient to many nearby suburbs, we offer morning and evening schedules, so treatment does not interfere with daily commitments.
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Adult Aftercare (Co-Ed)
We are here to help, even after you complete treatment. We offer continuing support to help you stay on track in your recovery.
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Adolescent Intensive Outpatient
Our center is close to where you live and work. Our evening schedule ensures treatment does not interfere with daily commitments.
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DUI Evaluation and Treatment
DUI programs are designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, Secretary of State and Employers in Illinois and Missouri.
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