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"Research Suggests
adolescents who receive treatment as adolescents are less likely to become chronic substance users as adults."*

Alcohol & Drug Treatment programs for teens, adolescents and young men available at:

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Teens

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for TeensGateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers offers the specialized treatment teenagers and adolescents need when struggling with substance abuse. We understand the stress of addiction or mental health problems can often be compounded by the pressures of school and peers. Our innovative treatment approach focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of adolescents.

Gateway provides several treatment options for teens depending on an individual's needs:

  • Outpatient Programs - Convenient After-Work schedules, so treatment does not interrupt commitments with work.
  • Residential Programs - Includes over-night accommodations when someone needs around the clock support
  • Bridge Program - A unique program that provides a treatment environment for young men ages 18-20.
  • Aftercare - Continuing support after you leave the treatment environment.

We provide several treatment options for teens and adolescents depending on an individual's needs:

At Gateway our approach empowers young people to understand the negative consequences of using alcohol and other drugs. We work closely to help young people learn how to make better decisions, start a program of recovery and sustain sobriety.

SOURCE: Dennis, M.L., Scott, C.K., Funk, R.R., & Foss, M.A. (2005). The duration and correlates of addiction and treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 28, S51-S62


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