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Substance Abuse Counseling, Therapy and Education

Because each person, program and Gateway Treatment Center has its unique characteristics, the counseling, therapies and activities an individual receives will be unique as well. Therapies can include:

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual counseling focuses on emotional growth/problem solving and crafting a personalized recovery plan. Private counseling offers a powerful tool in which concepts are transformed into a lasting recovery action plan.

It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one work through their substance abuse issues. Gateway offers a support system to families to help them cope and understand the process as their loved one begins creating a recovery lifestyle.

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Group Therapy

Like Individual Counseling, Gateway's group therapy allows individuals to discuss the challenges of their addiction. By sharing with a group of people who can truly empathize with what they are going through, the recovering individual learns that their struggles are not insurmountable, and that they are not alone. This is a critical tool on the path to recovery.

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Substance Abuse Education

Understanding the potentially devastating physical and emotional effects of substance abuse is a key aspect in recovery. This helps an individual better understand cause and effect and take ownership for behaviors and triggers. Education helps clients develop a positive relationship with his or her self and recognize the barriers that keep them from leading the healthy and fulfilling life they want.

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Dual-Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Treatment Treatment for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems

If someone you know has an alcohol or drug abuse problem, it can seem like a huge issue in and of itself. Yet many individuals who have substance abuse problems also have mental health problems. In fact, the presence of a dual diagnosed problem is more the "rule" than the exception. Learn more about Dual Diagnosis.

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Evidence-Based Practices

Gateway focuses on providing the most effective therapies and clinical approaches throughout an individual's treatment, this includes the use of evidence-based practices.

Gateway is a recognized leader in the use of evidence-based practices.

Treatment models that work.

Evidence-based practices are treatments that integrate professional research and clinical expertise to achieve the best outcome for an individual. Although the duration of an individual's treatment will vary based on the extent of their substance abuse problem and their dedication to recovery, a combination of these highly effective clinical approaches, therapies and curricula-based therapies will be used throughout one's individual and group counseling sessions.

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