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Call to learn about our Free, Confidential Consultation
Call to learn about our Free, Confidential Consultation

Free and Confidential Consultation

Take the next step to make a difference.

Are you concerned about the drinking or drug use of someone you care about? Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment's confidential consultation is a free, no obligation way to help determine the answers to questions such as:

  • How severe is the substance abuse problem of a family member or friend?
  • Is my loved one an addict?
  • How much drinking makes someone an alcoholic?
  • How much marijuana smoking is considered dangerous?
  • Is my alcohol or drug usage a problem?
  • Is my family member or friend addicted to prescription drugs?

For more than 40 years Gateway's dedicated professionals have provided compassionate substance abuse treatment for men and women, adults and teens. Gateway's dedicated professionals will answer your questions, help you understand substance abuse, and be with you every
step of the way.

Steve Wierman, Executive Director, Carbondale
"If someone you love is abusing drugs
or alcohol don't wait. Make a difference.
Let Gateway help you find the answers
you need for lasting recovery."

Steve Wierman

Executive Director
Gateway Foundation Carbondale

What to Expect in a Consultation

Our professional substance abuse counselors will ask questions to better assess the extent of one's alcohol or drug use. Determining the impact these substances may be having in someone's life and the lives of those around them is an important first step. Questions may include:

  • How is the person's general health?
  • Does the person have a stable work history? Are they currently employed?
  • Is the person enrolled in school and attending classes?
  • What are the relationships like with those around them? Are they distancing themselves?
  • What is the level of their self-esteem?
  • Has the person experienced a major loss, such as a friend or family member passing away?
  • Has the person displayed any signs of mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety?
  • What are some of the obstacles someone has to navigate to get themselves into treatment?

At Gateway Foundation we know the first step is usually the toughest. Call today and learn about treatment options that can help you, your friend or family member. With treatment centers throughout Illinois and insurance acceptance, affordable treatment is within your reach.


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