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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment
Live-In Drug Treatment or In-Patient Drug Treatment Programs

Gateway offers Residential Treatment Programs that provide each and every person with the knowledge, therapy, counseling and tools needed to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. Our Residential Treatment Programs include:

  • Living onsite at Gateway, you will receive 24/7 support.
  • Opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the recovery process with few distractions.
  • Once stabilized and fully engaged in treatment, an individual becomes a candidate for transition into a less intense level of care such as Day Treatment or one of our Intensive Outpatient Programs.
  • The duration of treatment is dependent on the extent of a person's substance abuse problem and their dedication to recovery. Although Outpatient Treatment works for many people, should Residential Treatment be necessary, two to four weeks is typical.

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Residential Young Men’s Bridge Program
Gateway's Bridge Program provides specialized care for young men
ages 18-23

Through our vast experience, we recognize that young men ages 18-23 need their own specialized approach to assist them with substance abuse treatment and the challenging transition into adulthood. To address their unique circumstances and challenges, our Lake Villa Treatment Center offers a Residential Young Men's Bridge Program to help young men gain important life skills while simultaneously addressing alcohol or drug abuse.

About the Young Men’s Bridge Program:

  • Through the use of evidence-based practices and individualized treatment programs, young men acquire vital life skills and coping mechanisms to help them navigate the demands of adulthood.
  • Treatment includes: individual counseling and therapy, family counseling an education, integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health issues, motivational enhancement, effective communication, health education, living in balance, maturity development, anger management, addiction education, relapse prevention and discharge planning.
  • For future success, our counselors assist young men with planning for life after treatment. This may include preparing for continued education, vocational training or permanent employment.
  • For young men with mental health problems like anxiety or depression, our integrated treatment services include on-site psychiatry and supplemental therapy through psychological treatment techniques.
  • The campus features a wide array of healthy lifestyle activities as well as an indoor gym with weights and cardio equipment.

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Day Treatment

If you transition out of our Residential Program, yet still need more structure and support, Gateway offers Day Treatment. Day Treatment includes:

  • Emphasis in the importance of finding emotional and practical support both in the home and in the community.
  • Stressing the importance of family involvement in treating substance abuse issues.
  • Treatment participation during the day, but go home at night.
  • Works best for people who have a stable, supportive home environment.

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Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

In an Intensive Outpatient treatment program, individuals participate in group and family counseling sessions several times per week, as well as one-on-one counseling sessions with their primary counselor. Treatment is usually four sessions per week that are three hours each, based on an individual's needs

Most individuals remain in an Intensive Outpatient Program for four to six weeks before transitioning into less intense weekly Aftercare sessions. If you have a strong support system, a stable living situation and the internal motivation to change, this program could be the right match.

Gateway offers Intensive Outpatient programs that won't interfere with daily commitments:

  • Morning
  • After-Work
  • After-School

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Gateway is committed to providing you a full range of care, and that includes supporting you in your recovery after you've completed one of our programs. At the end of care, you will be referred to weekly Aftercare sessions. Aftercare includes:

  • Counseling sessions that help you move from active treatment to coaching.
  • Practicing and applying what you've learned thereby reinforcing your commitment to recovery.
  • Sharing with other participants; best practices, challenges, successes.
  • Developing plans for stressful situations that might trigger relapse behavior.
  • Supportive of involvement in a 12-step recovery program.
  • Engagement in Gateway's Alumni program.

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DUI Evaluations, Education & Outpatient Treatment

Gateway Foundation has the answers you need for prompt DUI evaluations, education and Outpatient Treatment. DUI Evaluations, education and treatment for all risk levels can be scheduled quickly. Our DUI programs are designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, Secretary of State and Employers. Learn more about Gateway's DUI programs.

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