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What Are Bath Salts?

Bath SaltsBath salts contain man-made chemicals related to amphetamines that often consist of mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and methylone, also known as substituted cathinones. The powder-like substance is described as "fake cocaine" and is consumed by snorting, injecting or smoking.

Much like cocaine, users have expressed fleeting euphoric feelings followed by some very bad feelings, like paranoia, depression, agitation and intense cravings for more. Use of bath salts produces an intense high, extreme energy, increased heart rate, excessive sweating and insomnia. The effects are reported to last six to eight hours but with re-dosing, the symptoms are prolonged and can cause insomnia for several days. Use of bath salts can lead to addiction, kidney failure and even death.

Bath Salts Signs & Symptoms
  • Anxious and jittery behavior
  • Insomnia, rapid heart rate, nausea, reduced motor control, seizures
  • Severe paranoia, panic attacks, depression, agitation and suicidal thoughts
  • Erratic behavior with potential for hallucinations, violence and self-mutilation
  • Lack of appetite

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