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Questions about Substance Abuse?

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Educational Resources Related to Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Nearly 1 in 10 American adults and teens have a drug and/or alcohol dependence problem. That one person could be your neighbor, cousin, teenager's best friend or even your boss. The truth is - odds favor that someone you know is struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse.

The emotional, psychological, social and financial toll drug or alcohol abuse takes on individuals and families is profound. To help families understand more about substance abuse Gateway offers resources that provide answers to important questions.


Effects of Alcohol Abuse Effects of Drug Abuse Signs & Symptoms of Substance Abuse Free Consultation
Alcohol abuse and addiction effects people in different ways. It can cause injuries, health problems, behavioral problems and even medication reactions.
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Drug abuse and addiction can cause a variety of health problems. Different drugs, because of their chemical structures, can affect the body in different ways.
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Learn about the warning signs exhibited by a person who may be using drugs or alcohol. This section contains more information on alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and more.
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Are you concerned about the drinking or drug use of someone you care about? Gateway's consultation is a free, no obligation way to answer your questions about substance abuse.
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