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If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug use that is causing problems at home or affecting performance at work, Gateway has the answers you need to overcome these issues. Our dedicated staff will be with you every step, making sure you receive the treatment, guidance and support for lasting recovery. In treatment, you will learn healthier coping skills and how to confront problems in your personal life. Think about the possibilities with a fresh start.


Help for a Loved One Help for Myself Choosing a Treatment Center Gateway Treatment FAQ
Tips for encouraging a loved one to seek substance abuse treatment, how to cope and tools to help parents understand how to talk to their teens.
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If your unhealthy habits are causing problems at home or affecting your performance at work, Gateway can help you get life back on track.
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Are you seeking alcohol or drug abuse treatment? Learn what questions to ask.
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Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Gateway's substance abuse treatment programs.
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