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Real Answers for Adolescent and Teenager Drug and Alcohol Use

We understand that it's scary to think about the extremely widespread use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs among today's teens. As Illinois' largest provider of substance abuse treatment, Gateway Foundation knows firsthand the warning signs, as well as treatment for the many drugs your child may come in contact with during adolescence.

As experts in the field of substance abuse for teenagers and adults, Gateway can provide the answers you need to important questions like these:

  • What should a parent be watching out for?
  • How do you have the conversation?
  • How can you help a child?

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Gaia McVey, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Connect & Protect
"Adolescents do listen to their parents when it
comes to issues such as drinking and smoking,
particularly if the messages are conveyed
consistently and through open lines
of communication."

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Adolescent Program Supervisor
Gateway Carbondale


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