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I Need Help for a Substance Abuse Problem

Do you ever feel guilty following heavy drinking/drug use? Do you drink or use drugs to help you unwind after work? Have you ever thought about cutting down on your alcohol/drug consumption?

People often believe their alcohol/drug usage is under control until something bad happens, such as a DUI or hospitalization.

If your unhealthy habits are causing problems at home or affecting your performance at work, Gateway has the answers you need to overcome substance abuse. The dedicated staff will be with you every step, making sure you receive the treatment, guidance and support for lasting recovery. In treatment, you will learn healthier coping skills and how to confront problems in your personal life. Think about the possibilities with a fresh start.

It's okay to ask for help when it comes to substance abuse. For more than 40 years, Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment has answered the need for quality drug and alcohol treatment in Illinois.

Individual Needs Come First at Gateway

Gateway offers a full continuum of care, which means we offer Outpatient, Residential, Day Treatment and Aftercare substance abuse programs. The duration and type of treatment program we recommend will depend on the nature and extent of your substance abuse history, and other factors unique to you.

Learn more about Gateway's substance abuse treatment for Men, Women and Teens, our Counseling Therapy & Education or Evidenced-Based Practices.


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