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Drug Treatment/Alcohol Treatment

Q. Why should I choose Gateway Foundation for drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs?
Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment has a 40-year track-record of success in assisting people to overcome substance abuse. Each Gateway center is licensed by the state of Illinois and accredited by The Joint Commission, the leading accrediting organization for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

With a client-family satisfaction rating of 90 percent, Gateway Foundation helps people and their families reclaim healthy, productive lives.

The largest substance abuse treatment provider in Illinois, Gateway Foundation has convenient rehabilitation centers - located in Chicago, throughout the state of Illinois and near St. Louis.

Q. What should I expect while being treated for substance abuse?
At Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment, the first step is undergoing a free, confidential screening to assess the nature and extent of the alcohol or drug problem. The individualized assessment allows our staff to customize the best possible drug rehab and alcohol treatment approach within our After-Work / After-School Outpatient Treatment and Residential Programs.

To make a successful recovery, acquiring new knowledge, abilities and "life skills" is vital. Education about all facets of substance abuse, along with group and individual counseling, is a foundation for all of our programs. In between classes and therapy, daily recreation is offered through scheduled activities and leisure time. Family involvement is important and you will have opportunities to interact with your loved ones during your treatment at Gateway and talk on the phone between family counseling sessions.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs vary by gender, age and treatment center location. Detailed treatment program information is provided by Gateway location.

Q. How long does drug or alcohol treatment last?
The duration of drug rehab and alcoholism treatment is dependent on the extent of a person's substance abuse problem and dedication to recovery.

Gateway's After Work/After School Outpatient Treatment Programs can initially be three to four times per week for two to four weeks and then step down to one night per week. Should a Residential Program be necessary for drug rehab or alcohol treatment, two to four weeks is typical, but is based on the nature and extent of one's substance abuse problems.

Q. What can a person seeking help for alcohol abuse expect from Gateway?
Each person who comes to Gateway can be assured our staff is committed to meeting his or her specific needs in recommending the best program. The confidential process begins with an in-depth assessment interview to determine the nature and extent of one's alcohol problem. Next, a treatment plan is tailored to meet the individual's unique circumstances such as mental health, family, school and work issues. Whether it's an After-Work Outpatient Treatment Program or a Residential Program, Gateway provides the right care to achieve lasting recovery, and reduces the likelihood of relapsing.

Q. What is the first step in getting someone into treatment?
At Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment, we offer a free, confidential screening process to assess the extent of usage or abuse. Every location is equipped for the initial screening and substance abuse assessment. However, the initial consultation can also be done by phone, call 877-505-HOPE (877-505-4673) for a consultation. We then customize the best possible drug rehab and alcohol treatment approach within our Morning, After Work/After School Outpatient Treatment and Residential Programs.

Q. Who does Gateway provide alcohol and drug treatment for?
Gateway specializes in designing innovative treatment programs to serve the special needs of adolescents, adult men and women and adults 55 and older, including those with mental health diagnoses. Drug and alcohol treatment programs vary by gender, age and Gateway treatment center location. Detailed treatment program information is provided by location. Contact our 24-hour helpline to find out what Gateway locations is most convenient and appropriate for you or your loved one.

Q. Will I have to go and stay somewhere for drug alcohol treatment?
Whether you need to stay somewhere for your substance abuse treatment depends on the severity of your addiction. At Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment, both After- Work/After- School Outpatient Treatment and Residential Programs are offered. The recovery process begins with a complete medical, psychological, and social screening along with a substance abuse assessment to determine the type and severity of abuse, and any other related problems; Gateway's professional therapists, counselors and medical staff will recommend an individualized plan based on your assessment.

Q. What if my recovery plan requires me to miss work?
Should a residential program be necessary, individuals may handle missing work in various ways, including: take vacation or sick time, working with your employee assistance program if one is available, and/or take a medical leave of absence, also known as "unpaid sick time."

Q. Will everyone at work know that I'm in a drug or alcohol treatment program?
No, everyone at your work place won't know you are seeking treatment for substance abuse, unless you tell them. Gateway respects your need for privacy and confidentiality. We understand drug rehab and alcohol treatment is of a personal nature and will be handled in a professional manner. Gateway also is governed by and adheres to strict federal confidentiality laws regarding drug rehab and alcohol treatment.

Q. What about school?
Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment provides convenient After-School Outpatient Programs so treatment does not interrupt a child's progress in school. In our Residential Programs, educational services are offered in collaboration with your child's school district to support uninterrupted academic progress.

Q. What type of involvement does my family have with my treatment program?
In our experience, when family members are involved in recovery, patients have better support and the best chance for lasting recovery. That's why Gateway offers and encourages family counseling. Our supportive staff will work with your family on communication skills, setting limits and improving family relations. The intent of family counseling is to help all members understand the substance abuse issues so that, together, everyone has the tools to support your lasting recovery.

Q. What happens after drug and alcohol treatment?
Gateway is dedicated to each client's lasting substance abuse recovery. At the end of your primary care and treatment plan, you will be referred to weekly Aftercare sessions for a minimum of 12 to 24 weeks. These counseling sessions will help you transition from more intense levels of alcohol and drug rehab care during the early stages of substance abuse recovery. Individuals in recovery also are encouraged to participate in self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or other types of addiction recovery support programs. Your Gateway counselor and Alumni contact can provide information about the self-help groups available in your area. And, our Alumni program offers another supportive network as well as opportunities to socialize, volunteer and more.

Q. Is Gateway licensed or accredited?
Yes. Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment is licensed by the state of Illinois and accredited by The Joint Commission, the leading accrediting organization for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 15,000 hospitals and other healthcare organizations and sets the standards for the best possible outcomes for patients.

Q. What if I am pregnant? Can I come to Gateway?
Yes. Gateway prioritizes admission for pregnant women. Our medical staff will review your health history and work with the treatment team to develop a plan to support your recovery during your pregnancy.

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Insurance & Payment

Q. How much does treatment cost?
Gateway is an affordable option when compared to other treatment providers. The cost of treatment depends on the type and length of treatment an individual receives. After an initial free screening we can determine the type of treatment plan you or your loved one may need, the costs involved, and options for payment.

Gateway treatment programs are more accessible financially, so that quality, affordable treatment is available to everyone. Your insurance co-pay and deductibles go further at Gateway Treatment Centers.

Q. Does most health insurance cover drug and alcohol treatment?
Yes. Gateway is an accepted in-network provider for most insurance companies. In fact, Gateway covers 98% of those with insurance in Illinois.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff will help you understand what benefits your insurance company provides to help cover the cost of residential or outpatient substance abuse treatment. We will also help you determine any out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays or deductibles, that may be incurred for you or your loved one.

If you do not see your insurance company listed below, please contact Gateway as additional insurance providers may have been recently added. Here are a few of the providers Gateway accepts insurance benefits from:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Consociate-Dansig
  • Humana
  • LifeSynch
  • MHNet
  • Perspectives
  • United Behavioral Health
  • ValueOptions

Q. What if I don't have health insurance?
Gateway accepts self-pay and also provides treatment to individuals who may be eligible for services funded in whole, or in part, by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Please contact Gateway to determine eligibility.

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and personal checks. Substance abuse treatment payment options.

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DUI Services

Q. What type of court-approved DUI programs does Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment offer?
Gateway is a licensed and approved evaluator by The State of Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA). Gateway Foundation's DUI programs meet the requirements of the courts, probation, secretary of state and employers.

Q. What type of payment does Gateway accept for DUI Education and DUI Classes?
Gateway accepts Visa and Master Card credit and debit cards for DUI programs, and most health insurance is accepted at Gateway treatment centers.

Q. When can I get into a DUI Class at Gateway?
Gateway can quickly schedule DUI evaluations, education and treatment for all risk levels. We know it's important that you get into a program quickly and will provide an immediate response for your request to DUI classes.

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For Professional Referrals

Q. Why should I refer to Gateway?
Gateway offers a full continuum of care to treat alcohol and substance abuse as well as co-occurring disorders. With convenient rehabilitation centers – located in Chicago, throughout the state of Illinois and near St. Louis – Gateway treats more than 29,000 clients per year.

Q. Who works at Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment?
Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment employees are specially trained to deal with the unique needs of individuals that abuse alcohol and other substances. Gateway professionals use evidence-based practices including therapies such as stress and anger management and coping skills development to help individuals achieve lasting recovery.

Gateway's specially trained team of substance abuse specialists includes:

  • Addiction Counselors
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Licensed Behavioral Health Care Professionals
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers

Q. How long has Gateway Foundation provided substance abuse treatment?
Since 1968, Gateway has been an industry leader in providing After Work/After School Outpatient Treatment and Residential substance abuse treatment that is innovative, effective and affordable. Gateway provides drug rehab and alcohol treatment services to help individuals with or without the ability to pay.

Q. Do I get progress reports, letters or other documentation?
Gateway's team of professionals knows it is important for you to stay informed of your client's status and will provide ongoing reporting to meet your needs.

Q. Does Gateway offer training for professionals?
Yes. Gateway's training courses are lead by professionals who serve on the front line helping those battling substance abuse. Gateway also offers professionals state-wide training seminars to earn continuing education credits through the State of Illinois and IAODAPCA.

Gateway professional training topics include: motivational interviewing, drug trends, co-occurring disorders, compassion fatigue, legal aspects of treatment and more. Please contact Gateway for help in to selecting the best program or creating a new educational training program tailored to your audience.

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Community Resources

Q. Does Gateway offer educational seminars for the community?
Yes. Gateway is committed to fostering healthy communities and makes available educational programming to community-based groups at no cost. Gateway seminars are lead by professional facilitators and are appropriate for schools, youth groups, women's groups, civic organizations and churches. Educational community seminar topics include: signs and symptoms of substance abuse, coping skills, drug trends and legal aspects of treatment. To arrange a seminar for your organization, please contact a Gateway treatment center and speak to an Outreach coordinator.

Q. Does Gateway have prevention materials for community members?
Yes, as an active partner in the community, Gateway Foundation provides resource materials designed to raise awareness and provide helpful information for parents, families, educators, students and others about of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Contact any Gateway Treatment Center and speak with an Outreach coordinator to obtain materials for your event or organization.

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