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Help for Older Adults

Older Adults May Need Support for Drug Treatment or Alcohol Treatment

The professional staff at Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment design innovative, effective and affordable drug rehab and alcohol treatment to serve the special needs of older adults, 55 and older and their families.

Aging, Disease and Substance Abuse

Many of the symptoms listed below are attributed to other diseases or are considered part of the aging process. However, many older adults find that once they achieve sobriety, these symptoms disappear.

The signs of alcohol abuse and medication dependence in adults 55 and older are different from a younger person. They often drink at home alone so no one notices the severity of the substance abuse.

Many older adults or seniors are retired, so they don't have work-related problems due to alcohol or drug abuse. They drive less, so there's less opportunity for them to get arrested for driving under the influence.

Older Adult Substance Abuse Test

The following signs and symptoms are typical of older adults or seniors requiring drug rehab or alcohol treatment:

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This total number of YES responses indicates you could have a problem with alcohol or drugs and should get a free professional assessment by a Gateway certified addiction specialist.

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Please call Gateway at 1.877.321.RECOVER

Answering "yes" to 2 or more questions above may indicate a problem with alcohol or drugs.

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