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Educational Resources Related to Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Did you know nearly 1 in 10 American adults and teenagers have a drug and/or alcohol dependence problem1? That one person could be your neighbor, cousin, teenager's best friend or even your boss. The truth is - odds favor that someone you know currently is struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse.

The emotional, psychological, social and financial toll substance abuse takes on individuals and families is profound. To help families understand more about substance abuse Gateway offers resources to educate and provide answers to important questions.

Substance Abuse Treatment Information for Parents

For Parents

Troubled by your child's substance abuse? Gateway offers the specialized treatment teenagers need. Find helpful information on teenager drug & alcohol treatment.
Substance Abuse Treatment Information for Families & Friends

For Families & Friends

Feeling helpless? Afraid you will say something wrong? Gateway can help you understand what to do when a family member or friend has a substance abuse problem.

Substance Abuse Treatment Information for Individuals

I Need Help

It's difficult to realize your potential if substance abuse is holding you back. Gateway has the know-how and support to turn your life around. Understand your options for drug & alcohol treatment.
Substance Abuse Treatment Information for Referring Professionals

For Referring Professionals

Gateway is responsive and offers a wealth of expertise, compassionate care, privacy and a hassle-free process. Establishing partnerships that provide the highest level of care in substance abuse treatment.

Gateway Foundation Alumni Information


Learn about upcoming meetings and events in your area.

Substance Abuse Facts

Substance Abuse Facts

Understand the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, learn facts about various drugs and find helpful links to other resources.
Community Education

Community Education

Learn how Gateway can provide workshops and materials for your community.


1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


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