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Doctoral Internships In Clinical Psychology

Gateway Internship ProgramGateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment has provided substance abuse treatment for more than 40 years and is the largest provider of substance abuse treatment in Illinois. Gateway uses research-informed, evidence-based, and best clinical practices to assure optimal outcomes through individualized treatment approaches.

The Gateway Psychology Internship Program is designed to integrate and build on your experience base and skills acquired in previous graduate study and clinical placements, with a view to equipping you to join the profession as a highly competent professional clinical psychologist.

Gateway's Internship Program offers you the opportunity to work, depending on the program, with children and adolescents in outpatient psychotherapy, with adolescents and adults who are engaged in substance use treatment and receive help with co-occurring disorders through individual and group psychotherapy, and through psychological testing and mental health assessments, and through biofeedback treatment. Interns participate in multi-disciplinary treatment teams, including the disciplines of nursing, psychiatry, substance abuse counseling, clinical social work and teaching.

Psychology Internship Overview

Doctoral Clinical Psychology Internships
The Doctoral Clinical Psychology Internships are 12-month, 2,000-hour full time positions. The internship program is dedicated to preparing graduate students for the professional practice of clinical psychology. Psychology Internships are offered at three of Gateway's Chicagoland Treatment Programs. Please visit the APPIC website for more information, including:

  • Supervision, Stipend & Benefits
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Internship Requirements
  • Philosophy, Objectives and Training Model
  • Application Process

The substance use treatment programs all include residential and partial hospital treatment programs. Interns will be involved mostly with mental health aspects of clients' treatment, although the broader context at Chicago West and Lake Villa is always substance use treatment. Training and clinical experience in biofeedback treatment will be available at all three internship sites.

Chicago West Treatment Center
The Chicago West Treatment Center will accept four Psychology Interns. The client population at Chicago West includes adults and adolescents in residential and outpatient treatment, including a MISA program.

Lake Villa Treatment Center
The Lake Villa Treatment Center will accept four Psychology Interns. Lake Villa offers residential treatment for male adolescents and for male and female adults.

Aurora Treatment Center
The Gateway Aurora site will accept three Psychology Interns. Aurora serves outpatients who may or may not have substance abuse problems. The Aurora Treatment Center will accept two interns to work with outpatient children, adolescents, and families. A third intern will work in the residential substance use treatment program at this site.