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Carbondale Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment CarbondaleGateway's Carbondale Treatment Center is situated amid 14 wooded acres in scenic southern Illinois. Gateway Carbondale offers Intensive Outpatient Programs and Residential Programs for both adults and adolescents.

The serene butterfly garden, winding nature paths and a state-of-the-art gymnasium are popular amenities of the modern facility.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

  • Adult Intensive Outpatient & Aftercare Programs (Co-Ed)
  • Adult Residential Programs (Separate Male & Female)
  • Adolescent Residential Programs (Separate Male & Female)
  • DUI Programs: Evaluations, Education & Outpatient Treatment

Separate Residential Programs

The Gateway Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Carbondale offers separate comprehensive Residential and Outpatient Programs for adult men and women. With unique programs, we offer individuals the opportunity to focus on his or her specific needs and deal with issues which may be too sensitive to discuss in a co-ed setting.

Our Residential Adolescent Programs also provide separate treatment programs for teen boys and girls to help meet their different needs.

On-Campus Academics

To ensure success in treatment and in the classroom, Gateway's Carbondale Treatment Center offers on-campus academic programs for adolescents through Carbondale Community High School.

Involving the Entire Family in Treatment

Gateway Foundation recognizes the immediate and long-term benefits to individuals in recovery when their families are involved in treatment, and engages families in counseling and substance abuse education programs. Family Programs are part of our integrated treatment programs and are designed to answer the questions families have and to help parents, spouses, siblings and significant others learn how to better cope with the substance abuse issues of loved ones in treatment.

Gateway Carbondale also offers families the opportunity to participate in the recovery of their loved one via online family video counseling.

Insurance Accepted for Substance Abuse Treatment

Gateway's Carbondale Treatment Center accepts health insurance and provides assistance to find out what is covered by your insurance benefits for substance abuse treatment as well as deductibles and co-pays.

Accessible Via Train for Families in Northern Illinois

Our Carbondale treatment center is easily accessible with daily Amtrak train service to Carbondale from Chicago's Union Station and surrounding suburbs, including Glenview, Naperville and Joliet. The trip from Chicago to Carbondale takes approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes, and we provide shuttle service from the Carbondale Amtrak Station to the Gateway Foundation Carbondale Treatment Center. Please inquire with our admissions department about to arranging for shuttle service.


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